Our range of software products have been designed specifically for the Group Training, Labour Hire and Recruitment industries. These products are continually evolving and improving through the feedback from our Australia wide user base.

CHIP - Code House Integrated Payroll

More than just payroll – a complete software solution for your operations.

CHIP has been designed specifically for –

Group Training – CHIP is the most widely used system in Group Training Companies in Australia

Labour Hire– full front and back office systems used by companies throughout the country

The CHIP system commenced development in 1995 as a Payroll and Invoicing system designed for Group Training and Labour Hire companies in Adelaide. Since then, it has grown to incorporate other modules that allow companies in these industries to use the one system to manage their entire business operations. These other modules that can be added to the base CHIP system include –

SHARC – Staff Hiring And Recruitment Centre, which has been designed to manage HR and Recruitment Functions of your business. This results in the one database, managing recruitment, through to payroll, debtors and exports to your preferred General Ledger package.

WIC – Web Interface for CHIP, which has been designed to be a Web Based application accessing the live CHIP database. This system allows field staff to access vital information through the web whilst out in the field, plus web based forms can be completed and saved to the database, including signature capturing.

AnyTime – a fully hosted Online Timesheet system designed specifically for the Group Training and Labour Hire industries. This system includes a full Award Interpreter which will interpret hours entered based on the rules set up into their relevant pay types.

Paramount in the development of all areas of the CHIP system has been a focus on features that are time saving and industry specific.

Benefit in the areas of –

SHARC - Staff Hiring and Recruitment Centre

The complete recruitment solution for your organisation.

If you work for Group Training, Labour Hire or Recruitment Company, then you would understand how much work is involved in finding the right applicant for the right job. Sifting through literally hundreds of applications and resumes can make the whole process much more complicated than it needs to be.

The SHARC system has been designed to manage the front of house functionality in a Group Training, Labour Hire or Recruitment company. SHARC can be implemented as an additional module to CHIP, thus offering a completely integrated Front Office recruitment through to Back Office Temp Payroll and Financials solution. Alternatively, the SHARC system is also available as a stand alone recruitment software system for any company wanting to manage their recruitment processes.

The system includes:-


  • Full contact details
  • Produce Mail Merge letters to any or all Applicants and Clients and automatically keep a history of all correspondence sent.
  • Attach a digital photograph image of the Applicant to their file and view at the click of a button from within SHARC.
  • Attach Resumes or any correspondence that the Applicant has sent you and view them at the click of a button.
  • Full Calender Facility that allows you to search for available applicants and automatically updates whenever an Applicant is placed.
  • Detailed contact tracking history
  • Large notes fields
  • Assign any preferences or skills that the applicant may possess
  • Keep a record of where the Employee has been placed and what jobs they have been doing
  • Create your own custom fields
  • Email or SMS direct from the system
  • Transfer details between databases at the click of a button
  • Search the database for a suitable candidate based on selected requirements


  • Full contact details
  • Multiple contact
  • Mail merge letters to any or all Clients
  • Large notes fields and contact notes history
  • Attach documents including quotes etc
  • Keep a record of who has been placed with the Client, when and what job they were doing
  • Email or SMS direct from the system


  • Log a request and track the placement process
  • Search on any criteria you wish to specify
  • Enter a start and end date to ensure that the applicant is available for the position
  • Set up Templates for regular jobs to speed up the data entry process
  • Use a unique shift logic that can cater for any combination of shifts for both searching and placing
  • Once the Applicant is placed, create a Hiring that will integrate with CHIP for payroll, or print out a report that you can pass on to your Payroll Officer with all required details
  • Consultants can keep a track of all of their placements as well as keeping large amounts of notes of all correspondence


  • Currently over 50 reports available at the click of a button as well as access to the CHIP report writer which enables you to design your own reports
  • Use the Search Engine report that will allow you to print a list of all Applicants that have a certain skill and/or live in a certain area and/or have a certain license or whatever you wish to specify
  • If you require additional reports, Code House can write them for you


  • Set up your own user names and passwords and allow access to only the areas of the system that they require


Ensure that your Field Staff can spend more time in the field.

The WIC system has been designed to be a web based application which is an add on to the CHIP system, that allows field staff access to important information through the internet.

The system accesses the CHIP database through a web browser, allowing field staff to –

  • Lookup employee and/or client details whilst in the field through an I-Pad, Tablet or smart phone.
  • Manage field visits that are required to be completed
  • Record field visits quickly and easily through a web based form designed specifically for your organisation. This saves directly in the database with a pdf attachment, including signature capture on the form
  • In fact, add as many forms as you like to the system for completion online saved directly in the database
  • Dashboard reports allow you to create visual reports to track trends in your business


Allow timesheets to be entered and approved online Anywhere – AnyTime.

The AnyTime system is a fully hosted cloud based solution that links into the CHIP payroll software. The system allows employees to enter their timesheets online through any web browser, including an I-Phone or smart phone. The timesheet once submitted is coded through the Award Interpreter to interpret the hours into the relevant pay structure based on the Award rules that have been assigned. From there, the timesheet is approved by a Supervisor or Line Manager and ready for upload into the CHIP system for payroll.

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